MOBOTIX c26: An eye in the ceiling

MOBOTIX c26 IP camera

Changing perception

As a decentralised fully digital device with no moving parts, MOBOTIX video surveillance cameras have earned a reputation for industry leading quality and reliability. Yet, over a decade long lifespan, use cases may well change. 

Different applications

For example, a new shop layout or an extension to a car park may well force a customer to change the area of coverage of a camera. Fortunately, MOBOTIX uses a design that allows easy adjustments of optics to fulfil the requirements of a new use case or mounting location.

For example, by using a Super Wide Angle lens, an entire room can be monitored from a corner, while a Telephoto lens can be used to turn a car park overview camera into a focused system able to identify number plates for parking control purposes.

Mix and match combinations

With dual sensor models, the flexibility goes even further with mix and match combinations of colour, black and white and even thermal sensors that can operate in total darkness or for use cases where heat detection becomes critical. With MOBOTIX, flexibility is always assured.

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