VIVOTEK introduces new licence plate capture solution, IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit

VIVOTEK IP816A-LPC v2 Kit IP camera

VIVOTEK's IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit represents a total solution for LPC (Licence Plate Capture, or ANPR) applications by leveraging the top tier image quality and traffic monitoring ability of the IP816A-LPC box camera. The CaMate IR Illuminator, utilising CVA Tech, provides adjustable beam angles for different distances. A headlight filter is implemented to reduce instances of glare from direct headlight contact. The IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit delivers clear licence plate images for reliable recognition, in both the sunniest days, and in the darkest nights. 

VIVOTEK Scene Mode

Empowered with VIVOTEK Scene Mode, which provides different exposure levels to avoid overexposure in some lighting conditions, the IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit can capture clear plate images from vehicles moving at speeds of up to 85MPH (140 km/hr). 

Value-added features such as DIS (Digital Image Stabilisation) and VIVOTEK Snapshot Focus ensure that the IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit can be easily installed and adjusted to provide the perfect LPR solution. Further, with the high-resolution images supporting a wide range of up to two lanes, the IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit is also the most economic solution in LPR applications. 

One camera covers both scene overview & LPC view

  • VIVOTEK's 2 Mega-pixel resolution kit provides not only sufficient PPF for licence plate capture, but also for a clear overview of moving vehicles, including car colour, brand and type for general traffic surveillance purposes. Therefore, with only one VIVOTEK IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit, users can yield more information from one single location. 

Supreme anti-glare capability

  • Capturing images at night is a challenging issue for any surveillance application, but for Licence Plate Capture applications the challenge is even greater, due to noise and glare caused by the headlights of cars. The IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit is equipped with external 48W/80W IR Illuminators and a delicate headlight filter, which help to filter out reflected light and only capture detailed information from the plates. Moreover, the IR threshold is also programmed to deploy the IR LED automatically to ensure 24/7 & Day/Night performance. 

One camera covers dual lanes

  • The high image quality of the IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit ensures wide coverage of two lanes with one camera, whether used for highway monitoring or for street monitoring. With a single IP816A-LPC-v2 Kit covering dual lanes, the total cost of traffic monitoring will be reduced.

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