Hanwha Techwin America, a global supplier of IP and analogue video surveillance solutions, has announced that Army and Navy Academy, a college preparatory military boarding school in California, has upgraded its security infrastructure with Hanwha security cameras.

Located on a 23-acre beach-front property, the Army and Navy Academy is home to more than 300 students and employs more than 140 faculty and staff members.

Two-fold surveillance upgrade

According to Jeffrey Gibson, a system with analytics to keep a close watch on the campus could act as a force multiplier

With a commitment to continuously adapt and improve, the Academy developed a strategic plan that focused on supporting the long-term success of their cadets. When the school began building and renovating facilities, they included an upgrade to their technology and physical security system.

With a two-fold approach, the school first needed to replace their existing, out-of-date analogue camera system. Second, they needed a system that could keep up with current technology. According to Jeffrey Gibson, Assistant Commandant, Operations, Safety, and Security at the Academy, a system with analytics to keep a close watch on the campus could act as a force multiplier.

Hanwha security cameras with Wisenet WAVE deployed

After an extensive vetting process, the school deployed a video surveillance solution comprised of Hanwha cameras integrated with Wisenet WAVE, a highly customisable and reliable IP-based video management system (VMS).

Integrating the Hanwha security cameras using the Wisenet WAVE IP-based VMS made it possible to create a video surveillance solution that was exclusively tailored to the campus’ specific needs. The Academy was able to quickly train security personnel as required, considering the WAVE video management system (VMS) is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Multi-sensor, multi-directional PTZ cameras installed

The Army and Navy Academy now has a total of 141 cameras, including PNM-9081VQ multi-sensor, multi-directional cameras for covering wide areas, which allows them to use fewer cameras while seeing more.

They have also installed PNM-9320VQP multi-sensor, multi-directional PTZ cameras for zooming in and for covering long distances. Additionally, to be able to effectively monitor between buildings and cover their coastline, the Academy chose PNM-9020V multi-sensor 180° cameras.

In-camera and VMS analytics features

By taking advantage of the in-camera and VMS analytics available in their new system, the security teams at the Academy can now monitor internal and external areas with high precision and efficiency. The primary cameras installed focus on higher priority, greater risk areas, while the VMS analytics keeps track of the rest of the areas in the campus.

Perimeter protection with line crossing analytics

With the surveillance system upgrade, most of the campus perimeter is now protected using line crossing analytics

As a result of the surveillance system upgrade, most of the campus perimeter is now protected using line crossing analytics. With Hanwha cameras installed above the fence, the system sends an alert to the Security Operations Centre (SOC), if it detects something crossing the fence in either direction.

Once the system pulls up the camera feeds, operators can see if it’s a false alarm and then decide whether or not to dispatch a security team or call local police.

Enhanced students, faculty and staff safety

The security team has developed a strategy for inside the fence as well that allows them to focus on specific areas that have higher traffic at specific times of the day. The in-camera analytics looks at the low-traffic areas. If the camera detects movement, the Security Operations Centre is alerted and can then determine whether or not to send personnel.

Because the new Hanwha security system provides both coverage and analytics, the Army and Navy Academy’s security team is able to focus on what matters most, the safety of students, faculty and staff.