Dahua Technology, a globally renowned video-centric smart IoT solutions and service provider, will hold its 2nd online Dahua Technology Partner Day, from October 13 - 14, 2021, with the theme - ‘Building a digital future’.

Dahua Technology Partner Day

Adhering to its strategy of open cooperation, Dahua Technology is committed to creating a win-win ecosystem, with major technology partners around the world. This year, Dahua Technology will join hands with its 22 global partners, in order to discuss interoperability, share industry trends and explore the future of digitalisation and intelligence together.

We are excited to host our second virtual technology partner day. Technologies have evolved fast in the past year and the needs of digitisation, and diversified challenges facing different industries today, are driving the integration of security companies,” said Mr. Jiaqi Gao, Overseas Marketing Director at Dahua Technology.

Jiaqi Gao adds, “It is a great opportunity to show how we can build a digital future together with our partners and through which, we can jointly provide the right solution for our customers.

Smart solutions for IoT and security on show

A number of Dahua regional experts will showcase the latest Dahua innovations and products, in 6 different hubs

During the 2-day event, Dahua Technology and its partners, including Vanderbilt, AxxonSoft, Immix and Optex, will unveil how their smart solutions benefit the field of security and IoT (Internet of Things). It will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud solutions and alarm monitoring, as well as specific vertical markets, such as retail, smart building & facilities, critical infrastructure, transportation, etc.

This year’s event will also include a section that demonstrates outstanding Dahua products and their compatibility with third-party solutions. A number of Dahua regional experts will showcase the latest Dahua innovations and products, in 6 different hubs, including cyber security & privacy protection, full-colour 2.0 and TiOC 2.0, WizMind portfolio, and more. Attendees can register free of charge, connect with presenters and get product information.

Behaviour analytics in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Dahua Partner Day event offers a great platform for AxxonSoft, to present our solutions. We successfully exhibited on last year’s Traffic & Parking session and are excited to share more information about behaviour analytics in the AI hub, this year,” said Alan Ataev, AxxonSoft’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), adding “Together with Dahua, we are enthusiastic about creating joint solutions that grow our value proposition for both our partners and clients.

With its mission of ‘Enabling a safer society and smarter living’, Dahua Technology will continue to focus on ‘Innovation, Quality and Service’, so as to serve its partners and customers around the world.