G4S is the globally renowned integrated security company with operations in approximately 85 countries. At the core of the business is G4S Integrated Security, which combines expertise, security professionals, technology and data analytics.

G4S Integrated security

G4S delivers integrated security around the world with the last six months having brought significant change for the company. The sale of the conventional cash business has enhanced strategic, commercial and operational focus and strengthened the company’s financial position. G4S is transforming, with an intensified focus on integrated security solutions strategy. They are winning business faster and growing stronger than ever before.

Through the launch of the global G4S Academy, the organisation is offering an opportunity to share knowledge and work more collaboratively with customers. Sector specific solutions and a global approach to risk and investment in technology are delivering clear benefits to customers and differentiating G4S’s offering in the security market. Below are some examples of G4S Integrated Security delivered to customers around the world.

G4S Americas

In the United States, one of G4S Americas’ Security and Risk Operations Centre helps prepare for, monitor and respond to threats from one central location. The Security and Risk Operations Centre, based in Florida, provides integrated security solutions by seamlessly combining monitoring capabilities, data analytics, enterprise risk intelligence and global response services.

Through actionable data and valuable insights, G4S experts are able to identify threats early and respond quickly. Their technology enabled intelligence-gathering and data analytics enable customers to know immediately when incidents occur. They also allow the organisation to support customers by optimising spend, mitigating risk and enhancing their security programmes.

G4S Europe & Middle East

The diverse team of highly-trained security professionals has adapted to the changing security climate

At a Critical National Infrastructure site in southwest England, G4S’s connected security professionals use technology and data to assess threats, manage incidents, and keep a large workforce safe.

The diverse team of highly-trained security professionals has adapted to the changing security climate and conduct automated fever screening, as people enter their site. Specially trained security professionals use the best technology, including G4S’s proprietary software RISK360, on this complex, long-term project.

G4S RISK360 proprietary software

G4S RISK360 proprietary software allows the team to manage incidents, instantly share information, and detect patterns and trends. The training of connected security professionals is tailored to the site. They are setting the gold standard on securing critical infrastructure.

In 2019, the Singapore Government asked the industry to prioritise technology over manpower through ‘Outcome Based Contracting’. G4S won an important contract to secure 62 schools using the Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessment (TVRA) Solution.

Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessment Solution

TVRA risk-based solution combines access control, biometric time and attendance with patrol and response

The TVRA (Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessment) risk-based solution combines access control, visitor management systems, biometric time and attendance with patrol and response, incident reporting, and remote CCTV monitoring.

G4S security professionals and Security Risk Operations Centre are in control of the situation, at all times, using cutting edge technology and data analytics. These are just some of the ways by which G4S is securing the world.

G4S Africa

In South Africa, G4S security integration of risk consulting, security professionals and technology, for a global FMCG brand, is underpinned by the organisation’s data analytics. G4S security professionals protect valuable goods that are delivered all over the country.

From the G4S Security and Risk Operations Centre near Johannesburg, experts use G4S RISK360 proprietary software to enable secure and reliable deliveries. The security software provides critical data and analysis that is then used to monitor and deploy resources to the highest risk areas. This data is continually shared with the customer, laying the foundation for a partnership that is building a more secure future.