Dahua Panoramic PTZ WizMind Network Camera

Dahua Technology PSDW81642M-A180-D440 IP camera

Launched by Dahua Technology, Dahua WizMind is a full portfolio of solutions composed of project-oriented products including IPC, NVR, PTZ, XVR, Thermal and software platform which adopts industry-leading deep learning algorithms. Focusing on customer's requirements, WizMind provides precise, reliable and comprehensive AI solutions for verticals.

Series Overview

The Panoramic Network Camera + PTZ Camera can splice up to a 180° horizontal view to give you a wider view. Working with high-speed PTZ, the camera can display the details. With advanced video analysis algorithm, the camera supports linkage between panorama and details, and situation analysis.


Panoramic Splicing
With advanced splicing algorithm, Dahua Panoramic Splicing technology deletes overlapped area and splices multiple images to be a complete panorama. The field of view of the spliced image can be up to 180°, which largely improves surveillance efficiency and user experience. Generally, after splicing, the field of view of four-sensor camera can be 180°.

Smart Tracking
With advanced algorithm, Dahua network camera can detect targets, track targets with speed dome, and view details.

Crowd Density
With deep learning algorithm, Dahua Crowd Density technology can detect the crowd density on the image, and display it on heat map; it can detect people quantity and density in selected area and set threshold. When the number or density is larger or smaller than the threshold, it triggers linkage.

Vehicle Density
With deep learning algorithm, Dahua Vehicle Density technology analyses the vehicle situation in the image, such as vehicle number in selected area. You can set threshold, and when the number is larger or smaller than the threshold, it triggers linkage.

Perimeter Protection
With deep learning algorithm, Dahua Perimeter Protection technology can recognize human and vehicle accurately. In restricted area (such as pedestrian area and vehicle area), the false alarms of intelligent detection based on target type (such as tripwire and intrusion) are largely reduced.

Dahua Regions Of Interest (ROI) technology allows you to select themonitoring area of interest to improve image effect in the selected area.

AR Panorama 
Dahua AR panorama technology generates wide-field of view through panoramic merging and splicing. The software overlaps the cameras as tags in the image. Click the tag to display the corresponding camera
video, which makes monitoring visual and convenient, and improves command efficiency.

Cyber Security
Dahua network camera is equipped with a series of key security technologies, such as security authentication and authorization, access control, trusted protection, encrypted transmission, and encrypted storage, which improve its security defense and data protection, and prevent malicious programs from invading the device. With UL CAP Certification, TÜV Rheinland Protected Privacy IoT Product Certification, and ETSI EN 303645 Certification, Dahua network camera better meets the demands of cyber security and privacy protection.