Dahua Network PT Camera

Dahua Technology SD2A500-GN-A-PV IP camera

System Overview

Driven by advanced smart H.265 encoding technology, Dahua Smart Dual Illuminators Camera combines precision and reliability into one powerful camera, achieving high encoding efficiency, producing seamless videos and reducing cost on transmission and storage. To meet a wide range of shooting situations, this series of high-performant cameras features functions such as infrared and warm light smart illumination, human shape detection, and siren and light active deterrence. It also achieves the application of retrospect, intervention and precaution, delivering the convenience needed in a modern camera.


Smart Dual Illuminators
Dahua Smart Dual Illuminators technology adopts smart algorithm to detect targets. Usually, the IR illuminator is on at night; when the target appears in the monitoring area, the white light is on, and the camera records the full-color video and information of key events. That is, the camera links snapshot and video with full-color image. When the target is out of the monitoring area, the white light is off and the IR illuminator is on, which reduces light pollution efficiently.

Siren and Light Active Deterrence
The camera supports the white light alarm and voice alarm when perimeter event occurs, to realize the deterrence and effective intervention. The camera is built in the alarm voice, and supports customized voice importing.

With advanced video algorithm, Dahua IVS technology supports intelligent functions, such as tripwire and intrusion.

Wide Dynamic Range
The camera achieves vivid images, even in the most intense contrast lighting conditions, using industry-leading wide dynamic range (WDR) technology. For applications with both bright and low lighting conditions that change quickly, WDR optimizes both the bright and dark areas of a scene at the same time to provide usable video.

Smart H.265+
Smart H.265+ is the optimized implementation of the H.265 codec that uses a scene-adaptive encoding strategy, dynamic GOP, dynamic ROI, flexible multi-frame reference structure and intelligent noise reduction to deliver high-quality video without straining the network. Smart H.265+ technology reduces bit rate and storage requirements by up to 70% when compared to standard H.265 video compression.

It is suitable for use by families and in fish ponds, orchards, rural courtyards, small factories, supermarkets and other similar locations.

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