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Facia is a pioneer in the field of Biometrics and face recognition technology. Founded in 2022, their innovative facial recognition technology is reshaping the identity verification industry. Their state-of-the-art AI and ML algorithms offer businesses secure and reliable biometric authentication. Facia’s cutting edge liveness detection technology has several applications, making it an ideal solution to improve enterprises' digital security.

FACT360 is a UK company pioneering the use of AI and unsupervised machine learning to help organisations find critical information that exists within their communication networks. Underpinned by leading-edge academic research, its practical solutions generate results that are impossible to achieve in other ways.

Fairlea is an experienced and innovative company focusing on the supply and installation of Ajax security solutions. They are a local alarm experts and caring about homes or business properties is their priority. As an NSI-registered company, they understand the sheer importance of security and fire safety while being technically competent, professional, and trusted in all that they do.

Falck Global Assistance is a Nordic based organisation with business activities in 32 countries on six continents. For more than 100 years, it has been Falck’s mission to prevent accidents, disease and emergency situations, to rescue and assist people in emergencies quickly and competently and to rehabilitate people after illness and injury.

Faragostar was founded with the prospect of developing total business solutions in BPM, office automation, human resources, IT management, corporate finance, banking and insurance, customer experience, public sector, academic establishments, and much more.

Farpointe Data has become the global partner of choice for premium RFID solutions, including 125-kHz proximity, 13.56-MHz smart, 433-MHz long-range, and 2.4-GHz mobile technologies, for electronic access control professionals around the world. These specialists have come to count on Farpointe's exacting designs, superior manufacturing, competitive prices, and excellent performance to enhance their access control systems.

Fastpath is a cloud-based access orchestration platform. It allows organisations to manage and automate the processes around access governance and security, quickly and efficiently. Fastpath helps to identify, quantify and manage data access risk, so they can be confident that the right people are accessing the right information for the right reasons.

FDM Group recruits, trains, and deploys IT and business professionals to work with clients around the world, creating careers and bridging the digital skills gap.

Fearless (SMC-Private) Ltd was established in 2005. The Company has valid licenses to provide Security Services in Islamabad Capital Territory, Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Baluchistan. The company provides a number of security services including manned guarding, surveillance, fire Safety and close protection.

FedCloudIA provides a FedRAMP Ready environment where Federal customers can procure and use cloud-based security system solutions with complete confidence in the federal IT compliance of those solutions.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) employs more than 20,000 people nationwide. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., it has 10 regional offices located across the country. They leverage a tremendous capacity to coordinate within the federal government to make sure America is equipped to prepare for and respond to disasters.

Feedback Automations is a leading Information Technology company involved in IT enabled services and solutions. The company was started in 1993 by highly trained professionals having high experience in networking solutions, IT enabled services & IT products etc.

Feedzai is committed to providing its clients with the most advanced and effective solutions and expertise while driving innovation and advancing the fight against financial crime. To learn how we can help organisation transform its risk management, contact us today.

Ferntech GmbH is focused on bringing the smart energy revolution to decentralised energy systems with their remote monitoring and control technology. They specialise in three areas - aggregation of data, analysis of data and action.

FF Group offers intelligent security LPR solutions created with their own unique algorithm of image recognition, software for PC, and ARM-based solutions. The company applies face recognition, license plate recognition and object detection, object tracking, and Smoke/fire/prohibited behavior detection methods for their solutions. Their clientele includes IC and IP camera vendors.

Fiber Connections is an innovative manufacturer of custom active and passive optical connectivity and media conversion solutions. The company offers a complete line of fiber optic cable assemblies, fiber management solutions, media conversion and power over ethernet network hardware.

Fiber SenSys, Inc. (FSI™) is a leading manufacturer of fiber-optic intrusion detection systems for perimeter security and other specialised applications such as sensor mats and layer-one network protection. FSI intrusion detection systems are used to protect the most important information, facilities, and resources of government, military, and private sector agencies worldwide.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fidano provides innovative customer information management solutions for the financial and payments industry. Fidano tools bring together the power of referrals, sales tracking, and customer data from multiple sources to drive sales organisations globally.

Field Ready helps educators produce employable local people. To be employable, graduates need technical knowledge, skills and qualifications, applied personal skills and field experience. The firm supports companies to hire, upskill and retain thousands of young women and men who gain meaningful, successful careers close to where they live.

Fieldcraft Consulting is one of Northern Virginia's premier provider for security programme development and advisory. The company offers audit existing security measures, risk mitigation planning, cyber security considerations. The consulting services offered by Fieldcraft are intended for security programme development.

Finca Security Systems has a range of services aimed at providing you with the security and protection for your home. Ranging from house sitting; visits to your home at pre-arranged intervals, installation of digital colour CCD security systems and even emergency site visits.

FindBiometrics is a renowned industry resource for all information on biometric identification and identity verification systems and solutions. They have the latest daily news from the global biometric and identity management business community, a comprehensive vendor list, informative articles, interviews with industry leaders, exclusive videos, links to biometric associations and a calendar for the most important and current industry events.

Finder was established to offer 7 features that the electronic security industry needs. Corporate sustainability, competitive product, certified product, complete solution, absolute satisfaction, 25 years of experience, featured products.

FineCom is a renowned South Korea-based services provider of professional safety solutions for the security, fire safety and rescue industry.

Finite Solutions caters for all types of audio visual, home cinema, lighting & home automation system installations generally in the Northern & Midlands counties. Finite Solutions also provides range of services & solutions to enhance home security, from CCTV systems to gate and door access control through to advanced perimeter security solutions. Finite Solutions has an insurer approved module to integrate burglar alarm into smart home system.

The FiRa name, which stands for 'fine ranging' and is pronounced 'fee-rah', highlights UWB technology's unique ability to deliver unprecedented accuracy and security when measuring the distance to a target or determining position. As an industry consortium, they believe UWB technology can transform the way people experience connectivity, and they’re committed to the widespread adoption of UWB-driven applications.

Fireco Limited supplies a wide selection of automatic door system, CCTV, digital locks, door entry systems, etc.

Firetide provides the highest performance fixed and mobile wireless IP network infrastructure products that enable concurrent video, voice and data applications for government, transportation, education and commercial customers. The company’s products are used to build private wireless mesh infrastructure and access networks for indoor and outdoor use that are highly reliable and secure.